At the beginning of 2012, the printing activities were transferred to the newly established company 'Mapoprint nv'. We want to give our clients the best care in their requirements in terms of quality, quantity, and flexibility. We purchased a new printer for the best full line paintwork.


We want to help clients realising their dreams by visualising their work or living environment in the most simple, valuable cost-efficient way possible.


We offer tailor-made solutions that fully meet the requirements of our customers in terms of quality, innovation, sustainability and flexibility, and always in the most ecological way.


Flexibility, creativity, reliability, consistency!

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Why choose Mapo Print?

We listed it for you.

Pixel Perfection

All files are thoroughly checked from the beginning to get a perfect print.

Know how

We have the best knowledge to get each design from screen on a large plate.


Mapo Print is always updated with the newest technology.


We pay attention to every detail, no matter how small. Nobody wants a mistake in a finished product.